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Are you looking for garage door installation experts? Whether you are interested in installing a new overhead door at home or roll-up at your business, contact us. At Garage Doors Repair Lincoln, our technicians are well-trained to install all door sizes by any brand. Want to replace the opener too? Trust us with the job. From regular chain drive openers to wall-mounted ones, we can remove and install any opener. Our experts do the installation job on time and with great accuracy. Need assistance in selecting a new door? Count on the help of our staff. Every member of our team is knowledgeable, ready to answer questions, and qualified to offer great service.

Proper garage door installation serviceGarage Door Installation Lincoln

You can depend on our expert and honest opinion when you choose a new garage door. It's not easy selecting the right material, door type or garage door opener. Our staff can help you. There have been major developments since you last replaced your door. Today, some doors are made of composite materials and are extremely resistant to scratches and dents. Want to protect your property from tornados and humidity? Let us help you choose wisely. We install insulated, single, double and hurricane impact garage doors. Our technicians can reinforce the door's resistance by installing multiple brackets and low gauge steel tracks. With the right products and proper garage door installation, your property in Lincoln NE will remain safe.

Our experts install commercial and residential garage doors

Our experts are updated with anything new in the garage door industry. Materials and construction work changes to meet current requirements. We keep track of any changes and are trained to exceed your expectations. Our company can order and install the new door for you. When it comes to brands, rest assured that we have experience in installing all branded doors. As for their material, rely on our knowledge. From classic wood doors to glass, steel, composite and aluminum ones, we install them all.

Garage door installation involves the removal of the existing door and fitting the new one. Before that we can help you measure your garage. Our technicians check the components to see if some of them must change. When the door is replaced so should the tracks, rollers and springs. Their size and durability must match the needs of the new door in terms of its weight. Whether you need to install a wide, heavy door which will require a double torsion spring system or a rollup with a special rolling door spring, rely on our expertise.

Our team can install a new opener too

Although the springs are responsible for the door's movement, the power of the opener is equally important. If it wasn't in your plans to replace the operator along with the door, our technicians check its condition and the capacity of the motor. It must have sufficient horsepower to move the door automatically. The pace of the door depends on the opener. Whether it would be quiet or noisy also depends on the opener. Commercial and residential doors are installed with different types of openers. So our help counts. And you can count on us offering information, ordering your products and fitting them in your place.

Whether you must replace the opener and other parts or not, the garage door installation service is done properly. If you plan such a big project this year, let's talk today. Our team is helpful and qualified to install any residential and commercial garage door and its parts. Contact us today.