Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Same Day Garage Door Spring Repair

Did your torsion spring snap? Want to check the condition of your spring? With long experience in both commercial and residential spring systems, our technicians can repair yours. We offer garage door spring repair service and cover the urgent needs of local people as soon as possible. Our garage doors repair lincoln company is at the disposal of customers on a 24 hour basis. Is the spring broken? Rely on our timely spring repair. Each one of our vans contains a wide range of equipment, including new springs. So spring replacement is done right away. We also make timely spring adjustments and can also take care of the spring system as a preventive measure.

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Your business and home garage door spring repair needs are covered quickly by our local experts. If it's not clear whether the problem is with the springs or other parts, let us find out. The reason for the door not opening or closing might also be attributed to the garage door opener or a cable issue. With same day troubleshooting, our experts find and address any problem. The spring system consists of pulleys, cables, brackets, bearings, hooks and many more small parts. If any of them is damaged, the problem will reflect on the door's performance. Rest assured that we can fix and replace any of these components.  

Timely spring repair service by our team

Spring systems differ. They are made to match the needs of each door depending on its size and weight. Some spring coils are more flexible than others. Clopay and Wayne Dalton make safer spring systems. Some customers prefer to install galvanized springs. Heavier doors surely have oil-tempered springs. In any case, we can install, replace and fix them. In spite of their brand and unique features, all torsion springs must unwind and wind. This way, they create torque which is then transferred to the cable. Extension springs stretch out and contract in order to counterbalance the door. They are often reinforced with safety cables, which can protect you from accidents.Garage Door Spring Repair

Every part of the spring system must be well-lubricated, tightened and fixed. If they are not in good shape, springs won't do their job. With our garage door spring repair Lincoln service, we make sure your springs are safe and functional. Our services include:

  • Emergency spring repair 24/7
  • Torsion spring adjustment
  • Spring replacement
  • Broken spring replacement
  • Extension springs repair

Spring adjustment and replacement services

Spring adjustment is required when springs lose tension. Some of their power is lost every time the door moves. Eventually they get weak and don't have the power to balance and lift the door properly. This is when you need our adjustment spring repair service. Contact us if the spring makes noise. One of the parts might be loose or rusty. In this case, we either fix or replace it. Springs are replaced sooner than any other part of the system. Since they do the hardest job, they are exhausted after a few years. Our company can replace your springs any time. But we also offer broken garage door spring replacement.

Is the door heavy to lift? Does it go up with some difficulty? Contact us. We carry several spring types in our trucks in order to replace the broken or damaged spring right away. When it comes to extension springs, our technicians replace both of them. If you need to add one more torsion spring, rely on our service. As spring experts, we can help you with any garage door repair demand including spring issues.